Portable Building Ventilation

Flex-O-Vent Ventilation System Red Barn Home Center's Portable Wood Buildings come with a high quality metal roof. One of the key features of our metal roof ridge cap is the ventilation system. Red Barn sheds make use of the Flex-O-Vent ventilation system from Marco Industries. the Flex-O-Vent system is a polyester based ventilation product that differs from the more commonly used polyurethane in that it is not prone to the moisture absorption which ensures a durable, long lasting product that will help prevent roof rust and pest infestation at the roof ridge cap.


How Flex-O-Vent Measures Up...

Flex-O-Vent Polyurethane

Flex-O-Vent, made with polyester helps prevent moisture absorption, which helps keep the ventilation process going.

Polyurethane absorbs moisture, which can freeze and block all ventilation.

Flex-O-Vent made with polyester has a 40 year warranty*! Made of durable tear, flame and clog-resistant polyester.

Polyurethane disintegrates within a relatively short time period, allowing rain and snow infiltration that can clog and block ventilation.

Flex-O-Vent made with polyester holds together helping to prevent pests from getting into your ridge cap vent and into your structure.

Polyurethane disintegrates, allowing leaks and rust as well as insect and animal infiltration.

* See MarcoIndustries.com for more information on Flex-O-Vent's 40yr limited warranty.