Sturd-I-Floor ® Sub-floor System

Plywood Sturd-I-Floor ® is a sub-floor system that is up to 10% stiffer than OSB sub-floor panels with equal joist spacing. This means less deflection and bounce under foot and your floors will perform beautifully after decades of heavy use and heavy furniture.

Georgia Pacific’s Sturd-I-Floor sub-floor has delivered high quality flooring systems for over three decades and is recommended by many flooring manufacturers and associations as a single-layer flooring system.

Our wood buildings use the Stud-I-Floor sub-floor system because serves well as a single-layer flooring system. Use it under carpet and pad, hardwood flooring or vinyl and ceramic tiles.

  • Smooth, sanded surface lets you install floor coverings directly on the sub-floor.
  • Firm nail-holding ability.
  • Superior stiffness and stability.
  • Tongue & groove panel design so panels fit together quickly and easily.