Frequently Asked Questions

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Q - Do I need a permit?
A - Generally speaking, yes, for any building over 100 sq. ft. A simple move on permit is required. Call your local building dept for exact requirements.

Q - How much does the permit cost?
A - Each county and city is different. Call your local building dept.

Q - Can you build on site?
A - All carports are errected on site. For an additional charge, we will build your shed on site. We must have access within 50 feet of site for unloading materials.

Q - I am not sure I have access. Will you come look?
A -
Yes, if requested. Access for carports is 10'W x 10'H. Access for buildings is the building width by 14' tall.

Q - What is needed for the site preparation?
A - A clear, level spot with proper access.

Q - Do I need a slab for a shed?
A - No, the building is blocked and leveled on the ground.

Q - Do you offer financing?
A - Yes, 100% financing and up to 60 month terms available.

Q - How long does it take for delivery?
A - A lot model within 1 week. All others are 4-6 weeks from time of the order.